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Begun in October 2002, Va Energy Management is a privately owned small business. We have been working in this industry, with Energy Consultants Inc. which is now retired, for the last nine years. As new dealers of this specialized technology, the same product, we can bring our commitment to service to an even larger area. This is the answer to the increasing cost of energy to all consumers. It is important to both the medium to large homes and small to medium commercial/religious facilities. Rather than continue to rely on yesterday's wasteful energy habits let us show you how this rate adjustment can mean SAVINGS you can apply yourself.


Va Energy Management has residential and commercial clients in Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina who use the Energy Sentry ® demand control technology. These residential clients have slashed their electricity bill by between 20-40 % per month for the last nine years. Commercial clients are saving between 5-20% per month as well.


Why Pay More Than You Should?


Did you know that many electric utilities have demand based rates for their residential as well as commercial clients? With these rates and our technology you can save money on your electricity bills for your home, your business and even your church or synagogue. In many cases commerical clients can save substantially with our technology without even needing to change their rate.


If your average monthly electricity bills for your home are $140 per month or more, hit this panic button

If your business or church has an electricity bill over $1000 per month, hit this panic button

If your electricity bills are less than $140 for your home, hit this "I'm Feelin' Good Button"


Va Energy Management is developing a large marketing organization throughout the areas serviced by Virginia Power, North Carolina Power, Duke Power, Carolina Power & Light and Arizona Public Service in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Arizona. Learn how to supplemement your income either on a full or part time basis.

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